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Memories Made Together Last a Lifetime!

Updated: May 21, 2020

This picture was taken on April 2018 in Wadi Rum-Jordan.

There is beauty wherever you go

As we always aim to travel and explore the world we should see the beauty in our country whether its sandy, rocky mountains or even full of green fields. To be honest Wadi Rum is one of my favourite spots where WiFi is weak to find time away to look around, enjoy the silence that takes you to another world. As much as I love this place I do recommend everyone to spare couple of days and lay under a sky full of stars or you might be lucky to see the full moon lighting your darkest night.

So, I started with my beloved family; Mom and elder sister are in the picture. I felt no one needs to go through this experience more than Mom who’s busy raising us, makes sure that each family member (starting from my elder sister who’s 41 years old to my nephew who’s 4 years old) is safe, feeling warm, happy and above all not hungry lol, busy in finding ways to teach us how to be strong, not to fear anything and follow our dreams.

About my elder sister, even though she’s 8 years older than me but there are so much common things between us. But how shall I describe her? The kindest? Or shall I say my partner in crime? Or the misophonic lol? She deserved to be there at that place as a reward or a small gift for her nonstop giving love and care without asking for anything in return but you gotta be aware she’s short-tempered LOL but it’s fine it’s tolerable for awhile after that family is family no matter what.

Bottom line,

take good care of your beloved people who looks after your happiness and make unforgettable memories together.


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